Introduction to Kosher Kitchen

The Making of a Kosher Kitchen

(and how to keep it that way...)

Pirchei Shoshanim has developed a three month interactive course in order to give you personal guidance in running and maintaining your kosher kitchen. Our goal is to teach you to identify the problems before they happen and to instruct you how to solve them as they arise. 

* If I put bread in my oven to warm up and I'm cooking meat does the bread become meaty?

* If there is no meat residual on the oven from the roast I just made can I immediately make a pizza?

* Can I use the same grates in the stove for milk and for meat?

* How do I kosher my microwave...?

* My chicken soup spilled on my milk frying pan?

is it still kosher?

* My kitchen is now kosher, what if I mix pots and pans 

and plates,do I throw them out, can I eat on them again?

* Can I make the pot kosher and how?

* If my maid cooked supper and turned on the fire, do I have to throw out the pot?

* Can I make the pot kosher and how?

* I have one oven how can I use it for both milk and meat I spilled out meat on the Dairy Side of my I need a new sink?

My dishwasher was used for meat dishes and my kids put in milk dishes what do I 

do now? What products can I really purchase?

* What restaurants can I eat in and now 

I know what to ask the Kosher Supervisor

(MASHGIACH) when I eat out?


The Kosher Kitchen Course will save one thousands of dollars and give all a calm heart.

Both Sephardi and Ashkenazic Halachas are covered.

The Kosher Kitchen Map.pdf
A Step by Step Guide to Kosher your Kitchen.pdf

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