Welcome to the Roadmap To Prayer Course!

Tefilla is perhaps the most central theme in the life of a Jew. If one stops for a moment to

reflect on this, one would see that all our activities evolve around Tefilla. We daven 3 Tefillas

a day. We worry where we will be comes time for Mincha or when we travel. There is a

special emphasis on Tefilla during this time of the year comes Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur

and Sukkos. There are Tefillas we say at times of joy and others at times of sorrow. We are

constantly in-touch and in communication with Hashem, our Creator.

There are many sefarim and books written on Prayer and we encourage you to use them as

they are tremendous resources. In our lessons you will find a unique blend of insights,

background, inspirational stories and explanations of different parts of Tefilla. Most of all, the

reader will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the structure of Tefilla which our

Sages have developed for us so many years ago. This will give the reader a better

understanding of what each tefilla is supposed to accomplish and how they all fit together.

In the end, we pray to Hashem to grant this program success in bringing us all closer to Him

and improving ourselves through the Avodah (service) of prayer.

With this we begin Bezras Hashem !

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