Dear Shabbos Chabura Members,

It's a zechus and a pleasure to welcome you to Pirchei Shoshanim's, Hilchos Shabbos, Shulchan Aruch Project.

The lessons cover a major cross-section of Hilchos Shabbos which were designed in a manner that will give you a strong foundation in understanding the principles of Hilchos Shabbos. The lessons can be studied in the English text alone. If you have the time and ability to look up the sources in the original Hebrew text, it will enhance your learning experience even more.

The lessons have been divided into seven volumes with a test for each volume at its completion. Each lesson is followed by a series of questions and answers to help you review the material covered in the lesson. There will be a test after each volume, and one final test on all seven volumes after completing the entire course. Each student will receive a beautiful certificate acknowledging their successful completion of the course.

Another important component of this project is the opportunity to ask questions and comment on the shiurim. We also plan to add a short 20-minute video to accompany each lesson which will cover the main points of each lesson.

Wishing you much hatzlocha and growth in your learning.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Rabbi Landsman

[email protected]

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