Welcome to the Hilchos Shaatnez program!

The program takes about 6 months. There are two levels. One is the general knowledge level where one just receives the Shiurim as displayed in this platform.Upon successful completion of the shatnez program one will receive a certificate from our Shaatnez Rav stating that they qualify to check shaatnez.

Level two requires application and acceptance into the program. Once accepted and completed one will have the right to set up a Shatnez Laboratory in their community.  This second level will require one to travel to the Shatnez worldwide headquarters in Lakewood, N.J. USA where one will get a week of intense hands on training and will thereafter have followup as part of the cost of the Program.The hands on training will be arranged on an individual basis. If the community sponsoring the Laboratory finds it difficult to make the journey to Lakewood, arrangements can be made for R’ Sayagh to journey to them to either give the course or administer the final examinations prior to issuing the certificate of approval.

For questions on this course content, please email Rabbi Sayagh at [email protected]

Good luck!

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