Welcome to the Ribis course!

Ribis is a subject that affects every jewish Man and Women! From lending a dollar to borrowing flour. The TORAH compares charging Ribis to the bite of a snake. 

The prohibition of Ribis is an expression of the Torah’s strong displeasure with such behavior. Therefore, the Torah is far stricter by the prohibition of charging interest that it is by other issurim


We have developed a phenomenal program which is deep in Halacha and practicality. A team of brilliant businessman assembled together and have created a program that will without doubt bring the learning and understanding of Ribis to the forefront of the world.


All, we can do is ask all who participate to make their friends, neighbors and family aware that the laws of RIBIS, have now been made available to the world in a way everyone can understand


Come join our Maggid Shiur Rabbi Shlomo Furst of Yerushalayim as he brings the light of TORAH’S RIBIS to all the world…

Videos will be uploaded weekly so be sure to check back!

Rabbi Shlomo Furst

[email protected]