Rabbi Shmuel Spitz

Rav, Eiruvin Program

Rabbi Shmuel Spitz is a Rav in Cleveland, Ohio where he recently moved with his family. He is currently the Dayan Kavua of the greater Cleveland area. He also serves as Rav Hamachshir and Int'l Kashrus consultant for Major Kashrus Organizations. He is a Talmid of Novominsk, The Mir and BMG.

As a Rav in Lakewood, he was Rosh Chabura at BMG, and taught on the faculty of Yeshiva Chemdas HaTorah and Oros Bais Yaakov. Served on Bais Horaah under the close mentorship of HaRav Shloma Miller Shlit"a, additionally he served on Vaad HaDayanim and Kashrus Council of Lakewood. He has semicha from Beth Midrash Govoha of Lakewood, in addition to Rav Zalman N. Goldberg, HaRav Gavriel Finkel, HaRav Shloma Miller Shlit"a and others.

Over the years Rabbi Spitz has been involved with Eiruv issues in Lakewood and Co-Authored a sefer on Masechta Eiruvin.