Rabbi Naftali Espinoza

R 'Naftali was born in Chile and was a member of Aish hatorah. In Israel, I study in La Yeshiva Keser Tora, Chonen Daas, Kolel Abrejim Bet Tzvi and Kolel de Dayanut Zachor LeAbraham, reaching Semija in Yoreh Yoreh at the hands of Rosh Yeshiva and Moreh Hora'a in Beit Shemesh, Harav Don Channen Shlita and Del Av Bet Din of the Bada''tz Zachor LeABraham of Beitar Ilit Dayan Efraim C. Imash. He also received Semicha Yoreh Yoreh from the hands of Dayan Harav Hagadol Zalman Nehemia Goldberg Shlita, from the rabbinical court of Jerusalem, also Semicha from Harav Leibie Landsman Shlita from Kolel Abrejim from Ditroit, USA. He also received Teuda de Shojet, Sofer Stam and training and approval as Mohel in the Beit Midrash Gaboa Alyah of Jerusalem, and was also tested and approved as Mohel by Rav Uri Sabah of the Rabbanut of Israel. For 8 years R 'Naftali served as the Rabbinical representative in South America for the Kosher certification agencies of the Orthodox Union of America and Kof-K. In the educational area, R 'Naftali founded the Pirjei Shoshanim Yeshiva Latino Program. At present the R 'Naftali lives in the city of Beitar Ilit - Israel, together with his wife Bat Sheva and their 7 Children, and is also a member of the Kolel of Dayanut Zachor Abraham and of the Merkaz for Rabanut and Dayanut Malaam of Jerusalem.